Department of Stylist
This department, the only college-level major of its subject in Korea, fosters sensual and creative talent in response to the
demands of various fashion and beauty industries. We create truly professional stylist experts.

Educational Goal

It is the information age and the importance of cultural elements is emphasized greater than ever. Thus, there is a pressing need in plural and specialized society in fashion and beauty stylists who can bring creative concepts and images in variety categories such as broadcasting entertainments, commercials, movies, and fashion events. Dept. of Stylist in YSC is the first and the biggest educating facility training professional stylists, and its primary goal is to train creative personnel with technical knowledge and skill to meet the needs in varied fashion society.

Educational Principles & Scheme

Educational Principal & Scheme to train professional stylists are the followings :
• Strong personality education to establish professional consciousness.
• Variety of auditorial, visual training and practical exercises for growing senses in modeling and latest tradition.
• Complete theoretical education while in practical exercises step by step(basic to intermediate process) to be able to work in business.
• Field work for experience and intimacy with the fashion industry, and lead them to get certain certificates.


Media-stylist(journalist in fashion industry) for fashion magazines or entertainments, entertainment-stylist for entertainers, Consultant or creative director for fashion industry, commercial stylist, coordinator in fashion industry, displayer for department store or fashion malls, stylists specialized in concerts, professional stylists for planning events, personal stylists, editor in fashion magazines, fashion designer, visual merchandiser, make-up artists, hair stylists, nailist, wedding consultant.


Stylist, Shop Owner, technical expert in colorist, Am. E. a beauty doctor, Make-up artist, tech. E in


1. Basic Stylist Job Training
Course for proper understanding of stylists and execution of rational activities.
Understanding the flow of trend by analyzing and research, study in fashion trend, items, and Seasons, and learning total coordinating skill in garments, accessories, small tools, hair and makeups.

2. Sewing
Understanding basic knowledge, principal and elements of garment composing clothes.

3. Makeup styling
Study in proper understanding and management of the skin, elements of cosmetic products, basic knowledge and techniques of makeup.

4. Fashion History
Studying fashion-related knowledge by understanding western style of dress and its historical background and taking in fashion history about fashion development in 20th century.

5. Fashion Illustration
Developing skills in basic expression techniques to provide students ability to process practical exercises. Producing creative products and sensational ideas by practicing on expressing human bodies, utilizing varied materials, expression techniques, designing ideas, schematization.

6. Design Training
Enabling planning fashion styles and designs that can express creative character in mass media by studying basic theory of Fashion Design. Developing sense of expression, planning, and creating ideas to fit as professional stylists to be able to utilize them for creative design ideas.

7. Materials Planning
Acquiring professional knowledge of Fashion Design by studying general theory of characteristics and sorts of fashion materials and analyzation.

8. Draping
Studying basic knowledge and principle of composing clothes and enabling students to make dress by practicing Pattern Making. Students will learn to make basic original form of collars, and skirts to apply them into clothes.

9. Fashion-trend Research
To reach total comprehension of modes and fashion trends by analyzing modern fashion and the latest fashion trends. Researching a variety of fashion concepts by conducting a survey on fashion market and analyzing them to propose a new fashion style.

10. Advanced Stylist Job Training(I, II)
Developing job processing skill by practicing on each practical fields of stylist such as broadcasting, concerts, magazines, apparel, ads, personal event styling to train experts in styling.

11. Color Coordination
The most influential element of recognizing objects is color. Students will learn the fact that using variation of color will completely produce different images and also learn about the importance of harmonious coloration by actual cases.

12. Digital Fashion Presentation Skill(I, II)
Being able to utilize computer graphic tools for schematization, fashion illustration, developing textiles, and images as well as learning basic fashion CAD.

13. Pin Work Styling
Studying general theory of sorts of fashion materials and characteristics.
Practicing pin work styling based on analyzation of fashion materials and their respective methods of use and application.

14. Fashion Marketing
Basically about understanding fashion industry in 20th century and analyzing general atmosphere of fashion planning as well as developing an insight of fashion industry by understanding strategics in universal marketing, fashion marketing techniques, applications of the present condition of fashion brands and marketing, analyzing actual cases of fashion merchandising and publicizing.

15. Fashion Them Styling
Study of basic and expert terms of fashion and whole summary of fashion related knowledge including fashion design, items, styling, and fashion themes.

16. Hair-Styling
Understanding varied patterns of hair styles based on basic information about hair and fashion trends to be able to propose newly adoptable hair style in use of creative ability of hair styling and practical skill.

17. Advanced Make-up Training
Practical training of make-up and producing by cases for total coordination. Practicing adjusting techniques applied by facial texture and analyzation as well as variety of make-up practices by each fashion themes to develop ability to work on the site.

18. Display
Acquiring essential basic practice by practicing varied and creative projects such as producing small tools, displaying, and planning a set. Students will learn a general idea of display, V.M.D as well as shop coordination, creative producing, small tools, and display coordination that fit for Korean culture.

19. Fashion Photography
General comprehension fashion photography by studying principles, characteristics and sorts of camera and actual use of fashion photograph as well as touring studios.

20. Hair & Make-up Workshop
Learning harmonious expressions by given concepts. It is an intermediate course practicing special makeups, hair-styling for performances and body painting while acquiring expert techniques of makeups and hairstyling for fine total coordination.

21. Expert Course Workshop
Establishing professionalism, acquisition of practical business and marketing mind by developing abilities in a variety of fields of fashion marketing, analyzing fashion styling and trends.

22. Accessory Coordination
Setting main goal in understanding occurrence and meaning of accessory and developing coordination skills according to sorts of accessory and fashion themes.

23 Term Project
Creating a project throughout planning, gathering information, designing, creating a production and presentation to organize an individual portfolio generalizing the whole process of stylist.

24. Visual Merchandising
Studying the process of maximizing customer's interest into inducing sales promotion by planning and producing practical visual merchandising process including display, ads, show window, arranging products and sales promoting products.

25. Collection Analysis
Systematical practice on researching, analyzing, and applying the latest fashion collection while understanding characteristics and fashion styles of famous stylists. Enabling creative job-processing as professional fashion stylist by training creative fashion trend information applying skills.