Undergraduate Admissions

2013 Undergraduate Admissions -Download-

1. Application Schedule

Process Schedule Note
Application 2012. 12. 24(Mon)

2013. 1. 16(Wed) 09:00 ∼ 17:00
· Send an application package to the Admissions Office.
Admission Announcement 2013. 2. 1(Fri) 10:00 · Visit YSC Website
Registration dates 2013. 2. 4(Mon) ∼ 2. 6(Wed) · Must registrate within the notified registration dates, otherwise admission will be canceled.
· Registration location : To be notified
Returning Application Package 2013. 2. 12(Tues) ∼
2. 15(Fri) 09:00 ∼ 15:00
· At YSC Admissions Office
Semester Begins 2012. 3. 4(Mon) · Check notification of registering courses and orientation dates on www.ysc.ac.kr

2. Qualifications

a) Qualifications

- An applicant who is high school graduate(completing 12 years of academic course) as well as meeting requirements of the following standards of alien acknowledgements and minimum standards of Korean language ability.

b) Standards of alien acknowledgements

1) Both applicant and parents with foreign citizenship after birth
2) Both applicant and parents who obtained foreign citizenship after forfeiting Korean citizenship.

c) Minimum standards of Korean language ability

1) An applicant with third degree of Test of Proficiency in Korean(TOPIK)[Only acceptable with certified dates before 2012. 12. 28(Fri)

3. Standards of accepted foreign schools

1) Schools accepted by the educational legislation of relevant countries are accepted only excluding educational facilities for language study purposes.

2) Only acknowledging semesters with achieving minimum required credits during the period of attendance.

※ In cases of admitting into following departments, applicants with second degree of TOPIK are also qualified to admit, but are necessary to get third degree of TOPIK before graduation.

① Education departments in physical education and art

② Education departments in the industries education

4. Application fee : KRW 25,000

5. Selection standards

a) Document screening

1) Screening suitability of application standards
2) Confirming the documents

6. Evaluation policy

a) Evaluation takes place by the order of application through confirming qualifications and documents, considering academic ability and Korean language proficiency regardless of recruiting limitation number.
b) Applicants who failed to satisfy YSC's standards of Korean proficiency and academic standard will be rejected.
c) Applicants who failed to satisfy YSC's general standards of qualification will be rejected.
d) YSC will not accept reserve applicants. In other words, recruiting without registration will not happen
e) The admission committee will handle cases other than mentioned.

7. Documents submission guidance

  Documents to be submitted Note
1 A copy of application form for foreign applicant
- 2 photos to be attached(3cm x 4cm)
- YSC official application form
2 A copy of agreement form for references of academic records - YSC official application form
3 A copy of study plan - Original copy to be submitted
- Notarized form in Korean must be attached
- If the applicant is graduated from Chinese high school, besides diploma of high school, certain forms from www.cis.or.kr must be submitted as well
- A graduate-to-be from abroad must submit a from of high school diploma before the semester begins
4 Each copy of certified diploma in elementary, junior high and high school
5 Each copy of transcript in each elementary, junior high and high school(total 3 copies)
6 A copy of foreign identification card
(both the applicant and the parents)
- A copy of identification issued by residing government or a passport
7 A copy of both sides of alien registration card - Only for foreigners residing in Korea
8 A copy of government-issued letter that proves the family relationship - A family registration form for Chinese applicant(If a family registration form does not contain entire family members, a confirmation form of relative relation notarized in Korean must be attached
9 A copy of government issued document form of parents' divorce or death when necessary - Required only for relevant applicants
- Chinese applicants must submit documents issued by Chinese department of notarization
10 A copy of immigration form  
11 A copy of confirmation of Korean language proficiency - A transcript of TOPIK
*12 A copy of receipt of tuition - Submitting when applying for immigration document
13 A copy of bankbook - Submitting when applying for admission letter
- Minimum US$ 10,000 must be deposited for three months. Domestic residents(him/herself) must have at lease 3 million won in his/her account.
1) Submitting relevant documents when applying. (The date of issue of every document must be within 6 months from the applying date.
2) Notarized Korean documents must be attached to documents written in other languages.
3) In case of having different names on each documents, an applicant must submit certification issued by relevant court proving that they are the same person.
4) Had not submitting required documents within fixed period, the applicant will be excluded from acceptance
5) Documents marked with * will be submitted after admission
6) How to apply for confirmation of Chinese transcript
* Korean : refer to the website, www.cis.or.kr
* Foreign : refer to the website, www.cdgdc.edu.cn

8. Tuition fee refund

a) Application term : 2013. 2. 12(Tues) ∼ 2. 28(Thurs)
b) Procedure

- Notify the department of college application public relations prior to visiting for application
1) Tuition receipt
2) Identification
3) A copy of bankbook of his/hers own or his/her guardian's
※ If someone other than the applicant visits on the applicant's account, he/her must bring an government issued document proving that the substitute is related to the applicant.

c) Refund request after 3pm will be processed the next morning and refund request received on Fridays after 3pm will be processed on the next Monday morning.
d) Tuition refund after the semester starts will be handled according to 'the rule of tuition fee and admission fee'.

9. Instructions for applicants

a) Applicants may visit or mail to the Admissions Office.
b) Canceling application or making adjustments is unavailable.
c) No refund for admission fee for disqualified applicants.
d) Notify the Admissions Office when there is a change of residency.
e) Documents with different names must be attached with a copy of court-issued proof.
f) Falsified documents will be rejected.
g) Transcripts must be attached with a copy of official proof.
h) Accepted applicants must register within registration dates otherwise will be rejected.
I) When found registering other than YSC at the same time, the admission will be rejected.
j) YSC has the right to discard the unreturned documents after the returning date.
k) Admission evaluation and the grades will not be announced.
l) Any other matters not stated in the guideline will be handled by the admission committee.
m) At least third degree of TOPIK is required for graduation