Korean Language Programs

Korean Language Course

Terms Hours per week Hours per day Class time Tuition
10 weeks 20 hours 4 hours 09:00∼12:50 KRW 1,100,000

Academic calender

Year 2012
Terms Course duration
Spring 2012. 03. 07 ~ 2012. 05. 16
Summer 2012. 06. 07 ~ 2012. 08. 16
Fall 2012. 09. 05 ~ 2012. 11. 16
Winter 2012. 12. 05 ~ 2013. 02. 18
Year 2013
Terms Course duration
Spring 2013. 03. 06 ~ 2013. 05. 14
Summer 2013. 06. 05 ~ 2013. 08. 14
Fall 2013. 09. 04 ~ 2013. 11. 18
Winter 2013. 12. 04 ~ 2014. 02. 17


■ How to register
Registration procedures :

1. Mail the required documents to the department or visit out institute's main office
2. Fill in the personal information and the purpose of study in the 'student's information card'.
3. Submit the registration form and other required documents to the office.
4. After the document has been reviewed, you or your agent will be notified of the tuition and registration fee.
5. Deposit the tuition to the bank account number of the department.
6. The institute will then issue your admission document.

■ What to bring

Documents required for admission :
1) An application form(in the designated format issued by the department)
2) A copy of your most current diploma and academic transcript
3) A copy of your passport or alien registration card.
4) Two photos of 3x4cm.
5) Minimum bank statement has to be 3,000 $USD(Bring certificate fo domestic remittance or money order that has over 3,000 $USD when you come to Korea)
6) A copy of Korea ID card and certificate of tax payment and housing
>>>After passing an admission document screening.(according to our school's guarantee form), Korean guarantee must be notarized(two copies, period : over 3years)
7) Letter of financial support
8) Financial supporter's job certificate or photocopy of business license with government issued relationship certification

Course Description

■ Course Description
Level Description
Level Educational objectives Functions Grammar Number
of words
Level 1 ▶Introducing themselves and holding simple conversation in Korean
▶Asking and answering simple questions
▶Greetings, introductions, time, date, weather, daily routine, shopping, invitation ▶Pronunciation of consonants and vowels
▶Simple verbs
▶Formal and informal forms
▶Ending forms with auxilary words
Level 2 ▶Expressing basic ideas and jobs
▶Explaining things related to themselves
▶Learning formal expressions
▶Hobbies, journal, housing, personal information ▶Narration
▶Sentence patterns
▶Auxiliary and connecting suffixes
▶Respect form and plain forms
Level 3 ▶Learning abstracts for expressing fellings related to daily life
▶Having opportunities to communicate with a native speaker based on understanding of the culture of Korean people.
▶Appointments, boarding house, invitations/refusing, apologizing, telephone, conversations, health ▶Active and passive voices
▶Respected tense
▶Ending words of guesssing
Level 4 ▶Expressing and giving opinions on intriguing subjects such as culture, education, and sports.
▶Explaining things related to occupations
▶Field trip
▶Dramas and advertisements
▶Chinese letters
Level 5 ▶Free talking on any subjects ▶Newspaper and news on TV
▶Various patterns of speaking
▶Up-to-date vocabulary
Level 6 ▶Acquiring proficient vocabulary on various topics.
▶Overall summary of Korean grammar and expressions
▶ Understanding the unique way of expressing oneself considering the Korean culture
▶Interpretation and translation
▶Various speaking patterns


■ Attendance

(1) Students must attend at least 80 percent of the class in order to advance to the next level.
(2) Failure to attend at least 80 percent of the class will result in failing to extend their visa.
(3) Three tardies count as one absence.

■ Visa
Students who hold D-4 can apply for Korean Language School class, YSC.

A General Student Visa(D-4) Students who are planning to study for more than one term should apply for D-4 visa. This visa is usually good for six months at a tie and can be renewed in Korea. Since this visa takes approximately 1 months to process, students should apply for this visa at least two months prior to their intended date of departure to Korea. In order to achieve a D-4 visa, you need to bring a certificate of admission from a school, a letter of sponsorship(authorized), a bank statement, and a passport to the Immigration Office. However, a D-4 visa cannot be guaranteed. If you have a tourist visa, please call the Immigration Office for more details.

Documents required to submit

1) Application form
2) Letter of financial support
3) Financial supporter's job certificate or photocopy of business license
4) Proof of financial supporter and student relationship
5) Bank statement and other financial certifications. Minimum USD $3,000 is required to be deposited in the account
6) A certification of latest 3 years' taxation of the financial supporter
7) A copy of latest diploma and transcript
8) A photocopy of ID card or a passport
9) Four photos of 4cm by 5cm

Other information

■ Other information

In korea, both monthly and leases of a house on a deposit basis exist. Since the lease of a house on a deposit basis is very expensive, most foreign students choose to rent a room. For those who come to Korea for the first time and need help, the department of Korean Language School, YSC will introduce a clean boarding house near the campus ranging from KRW 300,000 to KRW 500,000.

Korea has four distinctive seasons. The yearly average temperature is between 10℃ ~ 16℃, but the temperature in January usually drops to -0.7℃ while the hottest temperature in August could reach 35℃. The monsoon season starts from the end of June and lasts about 30 days.

Other inquiries
For other inquiries, please contact us at
Global Education Center, YSC Dongburo, Cheoingu, Yongin, Kyunggido
Tel. 82-31-330-9081~3
Fax. 82-31-330-9491