Message From the President

The Director of YSC Choi, Sung Sik

Yongin Songdam College(hereinafter called "YSC") has been impressively developing since the foundation. YSC, under the ideology of the college as 'Nurturing practical talents based on self-esteem-oriented personality with professionalized, internationalized and future-oriented capability', focuses on nurturing talents with practical ability and upright character to dedicate to the development of local area and society.

Universities and colleges met time to change as they meet the information age and to lead ahead in these changes, YSC is developing various support system for actualization of the finest education.

YSC sets its priority in becoming the 'innovative' college nurturing creative talents by creating an environment satisfying both students and the society, cultivating professional talents that the age needs, providing top-class education and conducting character-oriented education.

YSC will do its best through creative curriculum and cultivation of practical capability in specialized areas to become the college where youngsters fulfill their dreams and socially trusted.

The Director of YSC
Choi, Sung Sik