Student Oriented College

Luxurious Dorms : Miraegwan

With a total floor area of 5,698 to accommodate over 300 people, eco-friendly modern accommodation, and ecofriendly interior finishing with ‘bio-jewel’ material to eliminate sick building syndrome and various hormones, we have a very clean, healthy and comfortable living environment. 138 rooms are spread over six floors and a basement, with the entrance controlled using a hotel-style door system. Each room has individually controllable built-in airconditioning and heating systems to provide the best possible student housing facility.

Name Number of Rooms Name Number of Rooms
Living Room 138(276 people) Shower Room 8
Guest Room 2(2 persons) Study Room(4F) 2
Tutor Room 4(4 persons) Office (2 4F) 2
Kitchen 5 Fitness Center 1
Lobby Computer Room 5 Yoga and Sports Dance Room 1
Laundry 5    

Best Study Environment with Cutting-Edge Library

Through remodeling, we have created a cutting-edge library to offer the best study environment for our students. We have a book cafe, study rooms, multi-media, video lectures and classes available in a soundproofed and fully furnished cinema with comfortable seating, and there is a lounge cafe in the basement, proving a comfortable rest area.

Various Scholarships

We not only have convenient facilities for students, but also a diverse and well-endowed scholarship system to create a truly student-centered college. Full support and investment in our students is provided by internal and external scholarship programs. Internal scholarships include special scholarships for excellence underwritten by the chairman as well as normal scholarships, and external scholarships are supported by the Haesong Cultural Scholarship and Ilgok Culture Foundation scholarship programs.

[2010 First Semester Tuition Fee Announcement]
- Industrial and Arts Majors : Freshman 4,208,000 won / Current Students 3,461,000 won
- Department of Social Affairs : Freshmen 3,758,000 won / Current Students 3,011,000 won