Specialized College photo

Selected Superior College for Educational Empowerment

Yong-In Songdam College was selected as a superior college for the ‘2010 College Educational Empowerment Project’ which is supported by the Ministry for Education,
Science and Technology, and received more than 2.4 billion Won.They were awarded a high score for the post-graduate employment rate, the per-capita benefit from the
investment of student tuition fees, the number of scholarships awarded, the low inflation rate of tuition fees, and recognized as a special educational institution in the
sincere training of the future workforce. We are well equipped to raise educational standards and educational achievement to even higher levels in the future.

Best Metropolitan Information College

Yong-In Songdam is the best metropolitan information college. We have 2000 of the latest computer systems, cuttingedge
laboratories, and complete network and groupware systems are installed. A digital library, multimedia archives,
remote classrooms, virtual education system rooms, video production editing suites, and cybercafes equipped with
various facilities demonstrate our development as an information university.

Developed Education System

We have a full-time advanced education system, meaning our students can take classes anytime they want. Students
maintain a light school register in the evening, but they can take courses at any desired time, day or night, as we have
an educational system which puts students’ convenience first: for example, we have an agreement with a four-year
university, linking educational programs to facilitate the transfer of students.