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Overseas Partnership College

Bunka Women's University / Ichinoseki National College of Technology / Aichi Sangyo University / Aichi Institute of Technology Automotive College
National Bureau of Hebei Economics & Trade
Tarlac State University
University of Hawaii-Kapiolani Community College / University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Madonna University
Moscow State University of Applied Industrial Arts
St. Clair College
RAJAMANGARA University of Technology Thanyaburi

Overseas Study Program

We teach English and Japanese conversation classes using native speakers in order to nurture talent in response to globalization. We offer opportunities for over 150 students from each major to participate in corporate field trips and cultural visits related to their studies to foreign countries like Japan and other developed nations. Through
partnership with foreign universities, we actively provide opportunities for students to study abroad and transfer between institutions.

[ Short-Term Overseas Training Program ]
- Target / Capacity : More than 300 current students
- Duration : five days out of term vacation
- Destination : Japan
- Study Content : Corporate Tours, Exhibition, Cultural Visits